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Case study of a residential survey for historical heritage carried out with reality capture

In recent years, there has been a great advance in the development of techniques and technologies in the areas of civil construction, architecture, interiors, industries, among others. The methodologies used...

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Reality capture with 3D laser scanning: what to know before you hire

There are numerous methods and equipment on the market that aim to capture reality, that is, to bring a structure from the real world to the digital world. We highlight...

Building Plan II

3D scanner laser: tool for BIM methodology

The laser scanner is a non-destructive technology used to digitally capture physical objects that, through the emission of laser beam ...


3D laser scanner in Industry

In the last few years the search for new technologies, new processes, new paths that help in the digitalization of construction, has intensified ...


New technologies in the construction sector

The civil construction sector is one of the most important for the Brazilian economy, corresponding to 4.5% of the Brazilian GDP, according to the CBIC database ...


As is of the iron bridge using 3D Laser Scanning

Carrying out an as is project - a project of the structure as it is up to now - is a costly process that takes many hours of work ...


Carlos Gomes Theater is scanned for registration of historical heritage

In order to compile the existing and current conditions of the heritage and save them for historical collection, the 3D scanning was completed this May ...


Restoration of the Kunze Hall

The novelty of the restoration and reconstruction of the site is the use of a new equipment in the city, supplied and applied exclusively in the region by the company WRodacki ...


Exclusive 3D Laser Scanner at the largest civil construction event in Santa Catarina

The event aimed to discuss and present trends and innovations from different segments of civil construction and the real estate market, and to create collaborative ties ...


Spar 3D Expo & Conference and AEC Next Technology Expo + Conference 2019

For nearly two decades, SPAR 3D has been the leading international event for the application of 3D technology in the industry ...

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