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Camila Kleis Rodacki
Owner at WRodacki

About 700 people were gathered at the Fastbuilt Experience - the largest construction and real estate event in Santa Catarina. One of the novelties of the event was the Laser Scanner 3D, presented exclusively at the event by WRodacki - an innovative company in the engineering and civil construction process in the Itajaí Valley. “While promoting and promoting the WRodacki brand, spreading the concept of the 3D Laser Scanner scanning, networking and contact with the technology market was sensational. An incredible experience. We really consider it a success for the company ”, says Camila Kleis Rodacki, engineer and owner-partner of WRodacki.

The event aimed to discuss and present trends and innovations from different segments of the civil construction and real estate market, and to create strong and collaborative ties between professionals in the areas of engineering, architecture, civil construction and real estate. “There were many companies and professionals who did not know the 3D Laser Scanner yet, a few others who knew and used it at some point in their day-to-day lives. The visiting companies were very open to apply the tool in their new projects, which shows that the event generated a lot of networking for us ”, informs Marcelo Rodacki, engineer and owner-partner of WRodacki.

Scanning Teatro Carlos Gomes

In order to compile the existing and current conditions of the Carlos Gomes Theater and save them for historical collection, in April this year the company WRodacki carried out a 3D scanning of the place.

“One of our partners in the event was with the company Blumenauense Printing 3D, which made a 3D printer available in our publicity stand so that we could publicize the 3D printed scanning of Teatro Carlos Gomes to the public present. We can consider this action a highlight of the event, all visitors wanted to see it and were delighted with the solution. At the moment, it could be observed the scanning of the theater, generation of the point cloud, modeling based on the cloud and 3D printing ”, informs Rodacki.

“As it is a historical heritage, the registration of each detail in an exact and agile way was fundamental at the time of scanning. With the 3D Scanner the accuracy of measurements and details was achieved in a millimeter way. In total, in four days, all the necessary information was collected and this surprised the audience present ”, informs Camila.

The 3D Laser Scanner

The 3D Laser Scanner aims to automate the measurement process in the most diverse areas. The equipment allows millimeter precision for documentation and research in 3D.

The product has direct and indirect advantages ranging from minimizing risks, since the structure was unstable, to reducing field visits, since, after measurement, the complete record allows the use of the digital file for new measurements in the office , with no need to return to the site, also allowing the development of new restoration projects.

Some benefits of the 3D laser scanner are: increased production potential, reduced site visits, complete registration of the environment, minimized risks, agility in the field, interoperability, data quality, reduced rework, reduced field staff and elimination of activities with no added value.


WRodacki is an innovative company in the engineering and civil construction process in the Itajaí Valley. In order to contribute to the development of engineering and its aspects, WRodacki believes that collaboration and continuous evolution are fundamental for the industry. With a new look and attentive to market trends, the company brings a new business proposal that aims to share ideas and companies' potential. The company focuses on working with companies and projects that need to develop engineering processes in any area, that want to innovate and understand the importance of the good use of technology for this purpose.

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