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"3D laser scanning technology is a way to acquire and register geometric and geographic data of objects, buildings and urban centers faster and more accurately, and can be applied to detect conflicts, obtain quality control, create "as built" and "as is" models.

The use of BIM technology comes to the fore as a way to represent and manipulate this information acquired by scanning in a more consistent and integrated manner, allowing a series of studies and simulations of the construction throughout its life cycle."

Source: Laser scanner: BIM tool

The comparison of the design with the point cloud can be performed with BIM designs, CAD designs, or even photos. Due to the high flexibility that the point cloud offers with respect to sections, elevations, and plans at different levels, it is possible to generate the view required for comparison, or even insert the model and the cloud into compatibility software to identify differences or interferences.

The uses and advantages are countless and that is why the application of 3D laser scanning in construction is spreading more and more each day.


Expansions, renovations and retrofits
Simulations of objects in transit
Neighborhood Impact | Feasibility Studies
Construction monitoring | Quality measurement
Dimensional analysis | Wear and Deflection Analysis
Structural changes
Documentary Memory | As is | As built | As found
Inspection of pathological manifestations

Reduced site visits

Complete environment capture

Reduces exposure to unhealthy environments

High volume and data quality

Better cost forecasting

Increased productive potential


Mitigation or elimination of risks

Conflict reduction during execution



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