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Camila Kleis Rodacki
Owner at WRodacki

The restoration of the second largest half-timbered house in Blumenau, which housed the traditional Kunze Hall, began on Saturday the 6th. The novelty of the restoration and reconstruction of the site is the use of a new equipment in the city, supplied and applied exclusively in the region by the company WRodacki . This is the 3D laser scanner, which allows millimeter-level laser measurement precision for documentation and research in 3D.


According to engineer Marcelo Rodacki, the goal of scanning the half-timbered house is to capture accurate and detailed information for the historical archive and for the progress of the restoration project. “As it is a historical heritage, the precision of the measurements and the recording of every detail are fundamental, factors that are achieved with the 3D scanner in a millimeter way. In addition to accuracy, there is agility. In just two and a half hours, all the details of the structure that still remained on the site were surveyed ”, explains Rodacki.


The product has direct and indirect advantages ranging from minimizing risks, since the structure was unstable, to reducing field visits, since, after measurement, the complete record allows the use of the digital file for new measurements in the office , with no need to return to the site, also allowing the development of new restoration projects.



The second largest half-timbered house in Blumenau


The property is almost 90 years old and is in a state of disrepair in the district of Vila Itoupava, in Blumenau. Deactivated for 25 years, the place is undergoing a thorough restoration, and the intention is to recover and restore the house.


Engineer Camila Kleis Rodacki comments that this work was an incredible experience, as it is a historic building in the Vale do Itajaí region. “The half-timbered house underwent major changes due to a fire, part of the structure had collapsed and there was a lot of debris on the site. But it was still possible to identify objects, books and even fabrics mixed with the damaged wood, showing the historical traces of the environment ”.


Camila says that the capture of the half-timbered house took about two and a half hours, while the data processing, done in the office, took another four hours. “In less than a day's work, a complete and detailed point cloud of the structure can be obtained”. In all, 16 scenes were used on the site, that is, 16 points of the house were scanned, each lasting approximately 9 minutes, reaching an average precision of 3.2mm.


The 3D laser scanner


Manufactured in Germany, by the company Faro Technologies, the 3D laser scanner allows measurements of structures to be made quickly, simply and accurately, with reduction of errors, productivity and efficiency. The product is a cloud of points and each point has an x, y, z coordinate, that is, it delivers a 3D digital model that enables numerous applications, from the creation of a project based on original features, documentary memory, to expertise.


The technique has already been used in Brazil on several occasions, for example, at the Imperial Museum in Petrópolis, for historical collection, at the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, for expertise and, in the viaduct that gave way at the marginal Pinheiros, in São Paulo, for survey of the existing structure.


Some benefits of the 3D laser scanner are: increased production potential, reduced site visits, complete registration of the environment, minimized risks, agility in the field, interoperability, data quality, reduced rework, reduced field staff and elimination of activities with no added value.





WRodacki is an innovative company in the engineering and civil construction process in the Itajaí Valley. In order to contribute to the development of engineering and its aspects, WRodacki believes that collaboration and continuous evolution are fundamental for the industry. With a new look and attentive to market trends, the company brings a new business proposal that aims to share ideas and companies' potential. The company focuses on working with companies and projects that need to develop engineering processes in any area, that want to innovate and understand the importance of the good use of technology for this purpose.


With exclusivity in Blumenau and region, WRodacki offers the service of 3D laser scanning whose measurement process provides rich, precise and agile material for various purposes. Based on the cloud, it is possible to produce 3D models, 2D documentation, virtual tour, 3D simulations and interference studies. These products can be used for projects developed in BIM, continuous monitoring of work for quality control of the service and as built, layout study, asset management, monitoring of pathologies, urban planning, among others.

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